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We deliver progress

The three companies SLITEQ, SpeMTec and Haendel Automatisierungstechnik can already look back on successful cooperation. In doing so all of the parties involved were well aware of the advantages that this cooperation would yield, both for us as the companies carrying out the work and for the customers whose tasks were precisely resolved. For this reason we decided to move forward together and to present ourselves under a single brand. The result of this is TECQ+.

Our missions, our goals

Our mission is to "deliver progress". We combine many years of experience and a broad range of 'know-how' in special machinery construction and in automation with the objective of creating new synergies through our core skills. This should enable our customers to set themselves apart from their competitors in the market and benefit from a technological advancement.

For these reasons, TECQ+ is the right partner to deliver challenging and holistic solutions that fully justify the investments involved. SLITEQ, SpeMTec and Haendel Automatisierungstechnik each apply their different skills and perspectives to the customer's requirements, which will be discussed in detail and analysed during the project planning. So, step-by-step we arrive at the optimum results for our client. This overall approach makes us unique.

Our management strategy

We have given great consideration to how best to manage our cooperation strategically. One of the most important points is the continuous market development through each individual company within TECQ+. In conjunction with the knowledge of the other partners, this allows us to create new access points into the market for each member.

We see another task in the development of solutions that we could also offer as serial products. We wish not only to increase the profitability of our cooperative partners through this, but of course also to pass on the advantages yielded to our customers.

One organisation for different sub-areas

With new orders, each of the three companies involved takes on exactly the part that they are best suited to mastering. This results in additional benefits for our customers. One the one hand, they always have a direct contact partner and responsible party at TECQ+ to take care of their interests. All contact by telephone or email on a particular subject will be directly exclusively to this person. On the other hand, the continuity of the partners with regard to quality and performance is guaranteed throughout the complete development of the order.

If we have aroused your interest to become part of our TECQ+ network, get in touch with us!

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