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Machinery construction

Individual machinery construction from planning through to commissioning

SLITEQ consider themselves a full-service provider in all areas of their activities for customers from various different branches of industry. If you task us with the design of a machine or component, you will receive all services from a single source and a fully coordinated result. This results in significant savings in time, organisational effort and financial expenditure. You need only communicate with one contact partner rather than multiple involved parties.

We will be by your side throughout the whole process

The first phase encompasses the advice on possible variants as well as the planning and design of your desired system. As soon as you have agreed our solution, we will take care of the purchase and acquisition of the required materials and components in the second phase, and in doing so will also maintain a balance between cost savings and high quality through our business 'know-how'.

After timely manufacturing we take over the installation of the system at your premises as well as the commissioning. Finally, you will be given comprehensive documentation for the system. This allows us to guarantee that your machine will function exactly as planned and that it will be incorporated into your production chain seamlessly and without difficulties.

More synergy through practical cooperation.

Whether film cutting and winding equipment, special machines or Pfeiffer cranes - precision and economic efficiency are the cornerstones of our concepts, both with the manufacturing and with the running operation of the products. Take advantage of our broad spectrum of services, our experience and flexibility for your individual purposes. You can be sure that we will take all requirements for safety, reliability and ergonomics into account in the machinery construction and that this will be incorporated into our work.

Depending on the type and size of a project, we cooperate with renowned supplier companies, often at an international level, with well-proven partners at regional level for the manufacturing and installation in order to fulfil your expectations for a perfect machine.

Every system that leaves our site is fully our own work and we will bear complete responsibility for it. For this reason, we do not carry out any manufacturing work for third parties in the machinery construction sector unless we have been responsible for the planning and design beforehand. This would otherwise impinge on our understanding of 'full-service'.

However, what we certainly can do is rework existing machines and systems so that they comply with modern standards and so that they remain economical and efficient. True to our mission Deliver progress. For more information on this topic, please just get in touch with us.

An overview of our services in machinery construction:

  • Planning and design
  • Conversion and modernisation of existing machines and systems
  • Handling equipment
  • Planning, design and construction of special machines
  • Pfeiffer cranes
  • Film cutting and winding equipment
  • Purchasing and acquisition
  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Electrical planning and programming
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Commissioning and documentation
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