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Special machinery construction

When a unique solution is required - Special machinery construction from SLITEQ

In the special machinery construction division, we serve customers from industry who are not able to manage their production with an "off-the-shelf" system. If your are looking for a tailor-made solution that is precisely aligned to your requirements, you have come to the right place. Regardless of whether this involves a complete new development or the adaptation of existing machines and components to customer-specific or industry-specific requirements. SLITEQ directs its focus towards your objectives and in doing so contributes to assuring your competitive advantage.

Automatic assembly machines

Assembly equipment or the design and manufacturing of automatic assembly machines represents one of the most important branches of machinery construction. This involves the pressing, screwing or joining of several, usually very different, components into assemblies that can then be passed on for further processing.

The design of automatic assembly machines can differ depending on the cycle times stipulated, the number of persons to be involved and the requirements for process assurance. The result can be manual workstations, semi-automatic systems or fully automatic systems. Let us know your requirements - we can implement these 100%.

System construction for conveyance and feeding equipment

In many areas of industry, conveyance and feeding systems for raw materials or components are indispensable to ensure smooth production, whether with the automation of processes or in warehousing.

SLITEQ plans and designs new systems for you that are precisely tailored to your needs, or carries out customer-specific adaptations to existing machines.

Automated testing machines

An important process step in every industrial manufacturing process is quality assurance, whereby fault-free functionality or material characteristics of products are checked. Depending on the type of object, the testing can be implemented mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or visually. In some cases an interface between production systems and test bench may be required if the test results are to be used to control further processes.

We will support you with all of our experience and 'know-how' to find a solution and will develop tailor-made machines and components for your specific application. If desired, as with other services, we can also take care not only of the development but can also provide support with the manufacturing, final assembly and commissioning in the special machinery segment. We will implement these tasks via our network of experienced and reliable cooperating partners.

An overview of our services in special machinery construction:

  • Automatic assembly machines
  • Feeding equipment
  • Automated testing machines
  • Conveyance equipment
  • Branch-specific and customer-specific design

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