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Pfeiffer cranes - no load is too heavy for us!

Our range of Pfeiffer cranes in the special cranes sector is precisely tailored to the requirements that arise in your company. As a result, we are able to accurately serve the special cranes applications that you and your market require. But that's not all. In order to really be able to meet every requirement from this sector for our customers, each special crane used for the special applications sector is fully finished to suit. Catalogue products in crane construction are a thing of the past - we from Pfeiffer cranes are interested in the crane construction of today and the future. For you this means that every crane that you order from us will be 1:1 aligned with the lifting requirements that arise and have to be mastered in your company.

We can do all the heavy lifting in this application area

In the area of planning and manufacturing of special cranes, we from Pfeiffer cranes are ideally prepared for every eventuality. Here, more than anything else the reality is that there are different requirements placed on special cranes in almost every branch. Regardless of whether we are speaking of the selection of materials, different load ranges, gripping devices, which are specially matched to the material to be transported, whether special loads are to be moved or the crane must be used in an environment with special requirements. Not all materials and not all cranes from 'catalogues' are suitable for special operating environments. Not all designs can be universally used in every business premises.

For example, let us take a look at the special cranes used in the steel industry. Dust, dirt, heat - these are the conditions that you find in this environment. Our special cranes from Pfeiffer cranes are designed for this and we know how to deal with these. Or, take a look at the special cranes used in the automotive industry. Or, the chemicals industry Or, in the foodstuffs industry. Each of these cranes requires a separate and precisely-tailored design. This starts as early as with the selection of the materials to be used in the design. For example, stainless steel is used as base material in the foodstuffs industry in order to guarantee physiological inertness. Or taking coil handling into account in the automotive segment. To say nothing of special cranes used in the mining or metalworking and processing sectors, which are exposed to particular challenges day after day.

Reliable and secure in every operating environment

We from Pfeiffer cranes are focussed on orienting every crane to meet the actual lifting requirements present and to fulfilling the customer's needs. To do so, we plan and design your fully personalised crane element in the manner that is really required. We from Pfeiffer cranes do not offer you standard solutions, we present precisely tailored lifting solutions. In doing so, only technologies and components that have already proven themselves in use are employed - this is a matter of course for us. This enables Pfeiffer cranes to guarantee our customers the highest standards of reliability and safety with the special cranes.

Our designs incorporate all important components of crane construction. Because, what is truly important in crane construction? A high degree of efficiency is generated by the use of a crane. This means that each crane must carry out its work fully automatically or semi automatically. Reliably, quickly and with a high degree of safety for both the products and the workers. We from Pfeiffer cranes deliver the perfect equipment for every crane application area. This means that we plan and design not 'simply a custom crane' for you, but rather we secure your working processes with our design. Pfeiffer cranes guarantees this by taking all of our professional knowledge and all of our international resources and 'throwing them into the pot'.

Renowned companies trust in our special crane solutions. Regardless of the heavy load requirements, Pfeiffer cranes are very familiar with this. We always put together tailor-made products for our customers in the special cranes sector, and this along with a service package that is also sure to impress. Put us to the test!

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